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The intimate Spring-Summer 2022 presentation, titled "Anatomy of Couture," saw Valentino unveil more than 60 looks at its salons in the French capital's Place Vendôme on Wednesday. Though older and plus-size models do make very occasional appearances in haute couture -- the rarefied world of "high dressing" that sees elaborate garments made entirely by hand -- Piccioli's casting was notable for its broad diversity of ages, races and body types.

In its show notes, the brand said it was "rethinking the rituals and processes of couture" and "promoting an idea of beauty that is not absolute." Piccioli did not design the collection with a singular body type in mind, the fashion house wrote, but rather "on a variety of women with different body frames and ages."

My personal skepticism derives not from vaccines, I had my children vaccinated. My concern is (1) I know that Klaus Schwab told people a virus was coming in advance, and I was given the very code used to justify lockdowns and the computer program was a joke. Bill Gates-funded that code. In fact, not a single program funded by Bill Gates which made these dire forecasts was ever correct. Once governments were BRIBED by lobbyists to mandate vaccines around the world, and the media has joined in along with people like Howard Stern and Neil Young, I cannot see where any rational person would trust Big Pharma or government. Now that the politicians got involved, they are putting everyone’s life at risk because politicians will NEVER admit they EVER made a mistake.